Yum! Abroad, SmashBurger In Canada: A Franchise News Roundup

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A collection of franchise news from around the nation and around the world, courtesy of FranchWire. We hope you enjoy it.

Yum! Goes Abroad

The company that continues to give us Pizza Hut, Taco Bell and KFC is trying something new. You might even say it’s foreign to most of us. Heh, heh, and all that.

Yum! is taking its global dominance to a new level, seeking rapid expansion in Asia and Europe. In order to do so, however, it’s selling off an increasing number of its restaurant locations here in America to franchisees. That’s good news for franchisees, but an interesting move in more than one way for Yum!

The upside? The money Yum! makes will go toward continued growth abroad, where the company is hugely successful, particularly in the case of KFC. They also may be able to re-invest in marketing efforts here at home, where the brands are having mixed success and could use a small shot in the arm.

The downside? This isn’t necessarily a restaurant buyer’s market, for one thing, and the company is relinquishing a bit of control over its image by turning so many locations over to franchisees.

Overall, though, this should give more aspiring franchisees a chance to succeed while Yum! continues to take the world by storm overseas. That’s something worth talking about.

McDonald’s Adds Healthy Menu Items

If there’s a company that has learned all too well that customers want at least the appearance of healthy menu items, it’s McDonald’s. To their eternal credit, they went from introducing salads to rolling out healthier options time and time again. It’s a commitment.

The latest will land this month, when the burger giant unleashes its new Cherry Berry Chiller, made with real fruit juice, and its Banana Nut Oatmeal. Neither of these are health food, per se, but they’re healthier options for a menu that has gone surprisingly healthy and upscale in recent years.

We’ll see how well they go over, but as always, I want to applaud the effort when I see it.

Smashburger Moves To Canada

The fastest-growing burger chain in America is about to become the fastest growing burger chain in Canada.

Smashburger is opening up its first location in Calgary soon, one of several probably to come. In a world where McDonald’s, Burger King and Wendy’s are all competitive and offering quality fast food, it’s amazing that Smashburger has been so successful.

One of the strengths of Smashburger is its quality, which I’ve heard lauded from people who eat there. But better still the franchise’s attention to regional detail, which allows them to swap out menu items for Americans in the south (chili burgers!) and for Canadian sensibilities (poutine!). It’s little wonder they’ve taken off.

Don’t look for Smashburger to slow down any time soon.

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